I work for Microsoft on Windows Azure team where I (mostly) program in C#. And in my spare time I love to play with new and interesting languages and technologies inside and outside of “Microsoft stack” such as Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, F#, Scala, Riak, Datomic, Storm, Akka, Hierarchical State Machines, ANTLR, etc.

I tend to forget a lot of what I learn, so I’ve decided to start this Blog where I can keep and share my notes as well as practice technical writing.

Hopefully others will find something useful here as well. Comments and suggestions are certainly welcome!

I share links that I find interesting on Google+ and on Facebook.
My Twitter is @DimaPhone (not dimagog), and here is my LinkedIn page.

- Dmitry Kakurin (dimagog)

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12 July 2013
by Dmitry Kakurin